Angular: Remove Hash (#) from URL like a charm

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I am trying to remove the # sign from the url in Angular 2 but I couldn’t find any good explanation about how to remove it without generate any problem.

I remember on AngularJS 1 it was easier adding $locationProvider.html5Mode(true);

Also I would appreciate if you can tell me if this is a good practice (removing #) or could affect the SEO for the application (or improve it).

Defination — LocationStrategy

Applications should use the Router or Location services to interact with application route state. For instance, HashLocationStrategy produces URLs like, and PathLocationStrategy produces as an equivalent URL. Enables the Location service to read route state from the browser's URL. Angular provides two strategies: HashLocationStrategy and PathLocationStrategy.

Step 1

Beside the module providers, check your module imports, it can also be overridden by providing the { useHash: true } as the second argument of the RouterModule.forRoot:

imports: [
RouterModule.forRoot(routes, { useHash: true }) // remove second argument

Step 2

Look into app.module.ts where app is bootstrapped there you have

providers: [
{ provide: LocationStrategy, useClass: HashLocationStrategy },

And remove this part since PathLocationStrategy is default strategy

Step 3

  • Import

import { LocationStrategy, Location, PathLocationStrategy } from ‘@angular/common’;

Add following to the ‘providers’ list

Location, {provide: LocationStrategy, useClass: PathLocationStrategy}

If the ‘HashLocationStrategy’ is already listed in the ‘providers’ list, that should be removed.

Now your application and all routings will be served


When you change LocationStrategy your back-end will be affected because the back-end doesn't understand all of…



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